Felted soaps, rainbow felted soap, wool soap

  • Felted soaps, rainbow felted soap, wool soap

A bright selection of eco felted soaps made with vegan soap inside and Corriedale wool felted over the top.
These soaps are eco friendly as they last for a long time, they don’t go soft on the side like normal soaps instead the dry out quite quickly for next use. Wool also has natural antibacterial properties and so these soaps don’t go off or bad they stay fresh.
They are great as travel soaps as they don’t spoil and they are a space saver as the act as an exfoliator and a two in one soap and flannel.
As you rub the soap the suds come through the wool and you can start using it straight away. The design shrinks with use and you are left with a little scrubby at the end which can also be composted.